Exynos quad-core powered Galaxy S III sets new Android benchmark record

News Natasha Garyali 18:53, 4 May 2012

Samsung Exynos quad-core powered, Galaxy SIII blows benchmark tests, topples HTC One X in process

Samsung has unleashed a quad-core powerhouse with Galaxy SIII and that's what the latest benchmark tests reveal.

Powered by Samsung's Exynos quad-core processor, the Galaxy SIII yields more than impressive results in the latest benchmark tests.

According to slashgear, 'the biggest beast is the CPU score, this showing off the full power of the four cores inside Samsung’s newest Exynos – CPU score here is 12781.'

That's not all. You also receive a impressive I/O at 7606, which you should know is the highest that any smartphone has received before. With the average score being no less than 5642, you also receive 2D at 1000, 3D at 2171 and memory at 4653.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII pretty much leaves competition in dust. This includes the recently released  HTC One X which scored 4900 for the dual-core and 4800 for the Tegra 3 (quad-core).

The Samsung Galaxy SIII definitely has lot of muscle. Even though these are early results, from the looks of it we definitely have a very promising device on hand ( lot more moolah for Samsung).

So, who bought a HTC One X and Xperia S?



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