Purple hue on some Lumia 900’s, Nokia reassures users about fix

News Anjum Dhir 09:58, 8 May 2012

Nokia has promised to fix a purple hue problem plaguing certain Lumia 900 handsets

Off late, some Nokia Lumia 900 users have noticed a purplish hue on the screens of their smartphones. Though this is a minor, irritating problem, the good news is that Nokia has acknowledged the issue and is on its way to building an update that will sort out the purple bug.

The purple on the Lumia 900 can be seen when a user switches off the phone’s automatic brightness and keeps it dimly lit. On the minimum brightness setting, the purple hue crops up on areas of the OS which should ideally be gray and even are, at brighter settings. This issue was brought up by WP Central and a number of Lumia 900 users.

The purple hue problem might have resulted from a faulty batch of handsets or might be more widespread. At this time, it is hard to say. A poll conducted by WP Central found approx. 10 per cent of lumia 900 users facing issues with the purple hue. On the other hand, it also found that all the phones in certain stores in Wisconsin, USA faced the hue problem. 

On its part, Nokia has been quick to respond to the issue, acknowledging it and promising a fix. The company tweeted, ‘We have identified the issue and will be addressed through a future SW update.’

Though Nokia has not specified when it will release an update to fix the problem of the purple hue, it would do well to bring it out as soon as possible. Nokia has been struggling in the smartphone arena for a while now and the Lumia series has been its biggest stepping stone till date. It should not let any issue, minor or major, mess up its chance at market dominance.


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