Google expected to sell 6-8 million Nexus 7 by year end

News Anuj Bhatia 22:54, 16 Aug 2012

The estimated sales of Nexus 7 is said to exceed 5 million units in Q4


Google  is selling Nexus 7 like hot pan cakes since its launch in July this year.  The $200 tablet, which has stormed tablet market with its sleek looks and monstrous quad–core processor is giving Apple sleepless nights.

Now the company is aiming to sell as many as 3 million tablets in Q3, which automatically gives us an estimation of 6-8 million tablets in a year. These new rough estimates came from DigiTimes, who claims that suppliers will ship raw materials (parts) up to 4 million units in Q3 and this could be pushed further with the strong demand at the time of holidays.

The nexus 7, which is manufactured by Taiwanese giant Asus in collaboration with Google, got rave reviews from across major technology circles. The biggest advantage of getting Nexus 7 is the built in Jelly Bean, the all new Android OS from Google. 

Google also plans to expand Nexus 7 market in many Asian countries including India among others later this year.

Currently, the famed tablet from Google is satisfying major territories including American and western European territories. The competition is rather tough for Google, as Apple is said to dominate with its class apart iPad Mini later this year. This time around, Microsoft is also waiting anxiously in the queue to muscle down its competitors with range of Surface tablets powered by Windows 8. Stay tuned with KYMI. 


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