Samsung doubles its Android market share in 2012, boasts of 46 per cent strong hold

News V.A Kulkarni 08:37, 21 Dec 2012

Samsung’s share in the Android market has risen to 46 per cent this year from 23 per cent in 2011

South Korean tech giant Samsung was expected to excel in the smartphone arena this year, especially since its highly successful launch of its Galaxy S3 flagship. Though analysts, traders and tech enthusiasts anticipated 2012 to be a winning year for the firm, the full extent of its growth has only now become official. From a 23 per cent market share in 2011, Samsung has grown to hold 46 per cent of the Android arena. 

In its research of the cellular market place, mobile advertising company Millennial Media studied the growth of key players in 2012. Android Authority came across its findings that detail how different manufactures have either grown or suffered setbacks in the highly competitive mobile world this year. Samsung emerged the big winner in the study, at the Numero Uno position with its share doubling in just one year. 

As compared to the leader, the market share of a number of other players has fallen in 2012. At the number two position, HTC found its market share dropping from 32 per cent last year to 16 per cent currently. Like HTC, Motorola has also seen its share sliced in half. From 22 per cent last year, its share has now fallen to 11 per cent. The market share of LG, the third runner up, has gone down from 16 per cent to 9 per cent.

Interestingly, the market share of other players has gone up by a whopping 125 per cent. Where other tech majors held a market share of 8 per cent last year, this year they hold 18 per cent of the Android market.

That Samsung has grown tremendously in 2012 speaks volumes about its potential. It will be interesting to see how well the tech giant does in 2013. We will be waiting and watching for it to cross the 50 per cent market share mark. Stay with us.


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