Samung promises to solve Galaxy S3’s Sudden Death issue shortly

News V.A Kulkarni 11:14, 4 Jan 2013

Samsung will most likely release a firmware update to tackle the problem of some Galaxy S3 handsets ‘dying’ without apparent reason

Samsung may well be the leader of the Android pack, but it is not without concerns. Off late its most popular handset, the Galaxy S3, has been facing a ‘Sudden Death’ syndrome. The tech giant has now acknowledged the issue and has promised its loyalists a fix in the near future.

Samsung spoke to Dutch website Tweakers about the situation with its high-end smartphone. As Android Community found, the firm claimed that certain users of the 16 GB version of the Galaxy S3 might face an issue of Sudden Death of their devices. Apparently 150 to 200 days after activation, some 16 GB variants of the Galaxy S3 ‘die’. Usually, this happens at night, when the phones are either not in use or are charging. Certain handsets have ‘died’ after reboots too.

The tech community has been abuzz about the Sudden Death issue plaguing the otherwise robust Galaxy S3 for a while now, but this is the first time that Samsung has officially acknowledged the problem. It is believed that the manufacturer will fix the problem with a firmware update which will be released to users sometime in the near future.

Ideally, users of the 16 GB Galaxy S3 should receive a firmware update notification soon. Of course, the update can also be found manually through the settings of the phone. For those users currently having trouble with their devices, Samsung is offering to fix the problem by repairing and even replacing handsets with valid warranties

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