Maxx Mobile Phone Prices

News 19:21, 13 Dec 2010

Check out the new and old Maxx Mobile Phone Prices in India

We bring you the updated prices for all the Maxx mobile phones released in India. Check out the latest Maxx mobile phone prices in India below:

Maxx Mobile Phones Price List
MX382 Rs. 3,607
Mx404 Rs. 2,945
MX443 Rs. 3,996
MX455 Rs. 3,834
MX460 Rs. 3,372
MX463 Rs. 3,370
MX466 Rs. 3,595
MX469 Rs. 3,370
MX470 Rs. 2,760
MX475 Rs. 3,720
MX475g Rs. 4,345
MX480 Rs. 3,370
MX488 Rs. 3,660
MX505 Rs. 3,726
MX525 Rs. 2,795
MX735 Rs. 5,707
MX745 Rs. 4,320
MS747 Rs. 4,320
MX170 Rs. 2,100
MX235 Rs. 2,970
MX243 Rs. 2,916
MX523 Rs. 3,758
CD11 Rs. 1,200
GC100 Rs. 5,292
GC121 Rs. 2,808
GC333 Rs. 4,374
GC343 Rs. 6,000
MX118 Rs. 3,999
MX316 Rs. 2,880
MX322 Rs. 2,400
MX324 Rs. 2,520
MX335 Rs. 2,880
MX362 Rs. 2,160
MX414 Rs. 3,120
MX425 Rs. 2,880
MX435 Rs. 2,880
MX483 Rs. 2,400
MX484 Rs. 3,720
MX495 Rs. 3,600
MX503 Rs. 2,995
MX533 Rs. 2,520
MX534 Rs. 2,400
MX713 Rs. 4,200


All the mobile phone prices are indicative
The mobile phone prices are quoted as per the release note provided by the company
The phone prices are sourced from various online stores and mobile dealers in India
Different online stores and mobile dealers may quote subsidized prices
Mobile phone prices may differ as the applicable taxes and VAT vary from state to state
Know Your Mobile India does not warranty that the prices mentioned on the website are always correct
We try to post accurate prices but if you find serious flaw in any handset pricing, do let us know.
We'll rectify the pricing of the brand after confirming it with our trusted resources

Last Updated on December 13, 2010

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