BlackBerry Z10 sells beyond BlackBerry's expectations

News Ritij Khurana 16:23, 8 Mar 2013

Blackberry has every reason to smile with BlackBerry Z10 'outperforming' company's expectation


BlackBerry Z10 may be facing a lot of bashing from the public through twitter and other social media because of the steep price tag but it is selling pretty well if BlackBerry is to be believed.

The device was just launched for a price of Rs 43,490 in India and BlackBerry has stated that seeing the high demand for the device it has already revised its sales targets by 40 percent which surely is a good sign for the company.

Sunil Dutt, the BlackBerry Head in India has stated that around 45 percent of the people who were buying the Z10 have been using other operating systems and that points towards higher sales in future as well. BlackBerry stores in the country are selling around 50 units a day with the retailers selling 7-8 units of the smartphone each day.

BlackBerry is also training its staff to help the potential customers use the device better and showcase to them what all the smartphone can do. The smartphone retails at a price tag similar to the iPhone 5 and if a device priced adjacent to something as great as the iPhone 5 can manage to go out of stock, then there must be something real good in the device.

India is BlackBerry's one of the most important markets and the Indians have not let down the company for sure.

Z10's sibling, the Q10 is due for a launch in April in India and seeing that the elder sibling has been received pretty well, we believe the younger sibling might build on the momentum that Z10 gives the BlackBerry 10 OS.

Finally, BlackBerry has a reason to smile.


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