Leaked: First pics of Sony Xperia ST26i

News Anjum Dhir 08:38, 10 May 2012

Surprisingly the Xperia ST26i is missing Sony’s green logo in its leaked images

Sony has been all over the news lately, with all its leaked images and product announcements. After the Hayabusa, images of Sony’s next handset, the Xperia ST26i, have leaked online, leading experts to wonder what the company has in store for its users in the coming days.

Phonearena got its hands on the very first images of the Xperia ST26i from IT 168 and its sources revealed a few details about the phone’s specs too. The leaked photographs feature the sleek, slim device in both, black and in white. The most striking thing about the images is that Sony’s ever present green logo is missing on the featured handsets.

The Xperia ST26i shows off capacitive buttons on the front and a large screen, one that is believed to be 4-inch qHD. Though an Android smartphone, it is yet unknown which version of the OS it will ship with. Of course, with all the competition in the tech world, Sony will do well to preinstall it with the ICS platform.

Sony’s next offering is believed to be powered by a 1 GHz ST-Ericsson U8500 chipset. Apparently, it offers 512 MB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage and sports a camera capable of capturing HD video.  

Sony has big plans for this year – it is hoping to grab a major chunk of the Android market with a number of new and improved handsets. The Xperia ST26i may just be one of the devices that set Sony apart from its competitors. Of course, we will know for sure only once we get our hands on other details about the phones specs, pricing and availability.

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