How to use Wi-Fi on the Samsung Monte

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Know Your Mobile India helps you learn easy steps to use Wi-Fi on the Samsung Monte

The Samsung Monte features Wi-Fi so you can get connected to the internet if you're in the vicinity of a Wi-Fi router or hotspot.

Here, we show you how to set up Wi-Fi and connect to a network.

  • Select Wi-Fi from the menu
  • Select the circle in the centre to activate Wi-Fi
  • To search for a Wi-Fi network, select Wi-Fi→Search. Select a network icon→Add and add a connection profile.
  • If the network you want needs an IP address, subnet mask, DNS, or gateway information, select Advanced settings.
  • Wi-Fi security should be set as the selected network configuration and 802.1x (EAP- TTLS, PEAP) is supported.
  • In Menu mode, select Internet or Communities, or in Idle mode, select a web-based widget. Your phone connects to the network using the connected WLAN profile

To connect to a Wi-Fi using a protected access point

  • In Menu mode, select Wi-Fi→Search
  • Select a WPS icon ( ) and select Add
  • Select WPS push button or WPS enter PIN depending on the AP device type
  • Select Start and press aWPS button on the AP device within 2 minutes. Or, enter a PIN on the AP device and select Start within 2 minutes

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i'm using a protected wi fi. i cant understand what do. pls help me

Ajay, you need to add the password for the protected Wifi and follow the steps mentioned above. If you are still unable to connect to Wi-Fi visit your closest Samsung Service Centre.

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