Samsung extends 12 month EMI scheme with zero percent interest till June 30

News 12:49, 5 Jun 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4, Grand Duos and other devices are now available at 0% interest with the 12 month EMI scheme till June 30

Samsung has gained significant holding in the country owing to its clever marketing strategies. While the company has gained success for its low priced handsets, it is also trying to push the sales of its high-end smartphones and tablets with attractive schemes.

One such scheme announced by Samsung a couple of months back is the 12 months interest free EMI scheme. With the EMI offer, consumers can purchase their favorite Samsung devices without any downpayment or interest. In a bid to further lure in consumers the company has now extend this EMI scheme with Zero percent interest till June 30.

Currently, the devices that are available on the EMI scheme are Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Grand Duos, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 510, Galaxy Note 800, Tab 2 310 and Galaxy Camera.

Lets have a look at the EMI price that has to be paid to avail the devices.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S4 – Rs 3,358
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 510 – Rs 2,575
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Rs 3,115
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 510 – Rs 2,933
  5. Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos – Rs 1,658
  6. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310 – Rs 1,362
  7. Samsung   Galaxy S3 – Rs 2,338
  8. Samsung Galaxy Camera – Rs 2,210

The purchases can be made using a credit card from leading banks like ICICI, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Axis and Kotak Bank. 

After the announcement of the EMI scheme, Samsung had also listed an attractive 15% cash back offer on these devices that has now been terminated. Well hopefully we will see more discounts as the company continues to grow its portfolio.

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from Devendra

Also S 4

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