How to download new widgets for the Samsung Corby

User Guides 22:33, 1 Feb 2011

We show you how to download new widgets for the Samsung Corby

Using Widgets ont he Samsung Corby, you can view content, check information and get online updates - all straight from small apps on the standby screen.

The Corby has a good selection of apps available in a Widgets toolbar that, thanks to its touchscreen control, you can easily drag and drop on to the home screen.

Once there, you can use the key functions quickly and easily any time you want from standby with a tap of your finger.

You can see a list of the Widgets available by pressing an arrowed tab towards the top left of the display. A column of small icons represents the widgets, which can be pulled with your finger onto the main screen. It's easy to do (see our related article here for more details).

But as well as the onboard widgets, Samsung offers the facility to browse and download more over the air for free, straight to the handset.

These can be downloaded quickly and easily to customise your phone (note: you may be charged for the data by your mobile network operator - so check your data plan).

It's simple to do - here's how:

Downloading new widgets

  1. To get the 'More Widget' widgets download application onscreen, open the widgets toolbar. Press the arrowed tab towards the top of the display to open this (Figure 1).
  2. Scroll through the Widgets toolbar by dragging or swiping your finger up until you see the icon labelled Widget (Figure 2).
  3. Put your fingertip on the Widget icon and drag it onto the main part of the display. Take your finger off the screen to drop it in place (Figure 3). You can leave the toolbar open, or close it if you prefer by tapping the arrowed tab.
  4. Press the More Widget panel that's now on the standby screen. As it opens up it will go online to refresh the list of downloadable widgets (Figure 4).
  5. A list of available widgets appears (Figure 5). You can scroll up or down this list by pressing the arrowed up or down keys at the bottom of the More Widget panel (Figure 6).
  6. Alternatively, if you're after a particular type of widget or know the name of the app, you can use the the search panel at the top of the widget panel. Press the search panel, and the keyboard or numberpad appears (Figure 7). Type in the search word and press the magnifying glass. Search results appear, which you can scroll through using the arrows as before (Figure 8).
  7. When you've decided on the widget you want to download, press the widget name onscreen. The phone's browser opens automatically to take you to the widget download site (Figure 9). Here you can read more about the particular widget.
  8. To download the widget, press the Download button onscreen. Downloading begins (Figure 10).
  9. In a few seconds a message appears to confirm that the download has been completed and the download widget activated. Press the Call End button below the display to return to the standby screen. Continue to download any further new widgets you want in the same way as above.

To see and use a new widget, open the Widgets toolbar by pressing the arrowed tab as before. Scroll through the list of widgets. Icons for new ones will now be in the toolbar (Figure 11).

  • Hold your finger on the icon and move as before, taking your finger off to when the widget is in position on the main part of the screen (Figure 12).
  • When the new widget is on the main part of the screen, press the widget to open it (Figure 13).

To get the More Widget finder, or any other widget, off the standby screen, drag and drop back onto the open toolbar in the same way as above (Figure 14).

To close the widgets toolbar, press the arrowed tab.

If you want to change around the selection of widgets you have showing in the toolbar, have a look at our related article here.

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