Vodafone slashes price for 3G service in Kolkata

News Achin Chandra 22:09, 7 Jul 2011

Vodafone cuts cost of 3G services for its postpaid subscribers

Vodafone has come up with a great news for all of its postpaid customers, who either are already using 3G or wanted to use the 3G service but were detered by high 3G rates. The company has announced a price slash for its 3G services particularly for its postpaid subscribers in Kolkata.

The leading mobile phone network provider is now offering Mobile Internet Plans that start from Rs. 100 for postpaid subscribers and provide free data of 100 MB, according to TelecomTalk. Vodafone's Mobile Broadband plans are ranging between Rs. 650 to Rs. 1250, which are offering subscribers a data usage of 1GB to 5GB.

The Vodafone customers who are using a Postpaid connection have to pay 2 paise/10KB (Rs.2 Per MB), after consuming the limit of free benefit for mobile internet, broadband and integrated plans of data usage for the different tariff plans. Prior to this announcement, the default data charges or post free usage charges was 10 paise/10kb (Rs.10 per MB), which in comparison to the new plan was very high.

                                 Postpaid tariff details of 3G offerings

This latest offering from the company will be applicable to both new as well as existing postpaid subscribers of Vodafone.

The latest price slash in 3G service reflects the company's constant endeavor to encourage the existing as well as new customers to adopt the new age mobile internet technology usage.

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