About Us

Who are we?

Know Your Mobile is your all in one stop to discover everything from the world of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic gadgets. We are a team of tech enthusiasts who like to bring the best tech advice and list of products for our readers to buy better products in different categories.

We are actively involved in bringing insights for the geek heads and otherwise with unbiased reviews of smartphones and tech along with the latest news, launches, best products, and whatnot. We also go the extra mile with buyers guides, modules, and, most importantly, reliable reviews to help you choose what to buy and, more importantly, to know!

Our Objective

We at Know Your Mobile are aimed at bringing the best pieces of advice on technologies and gadgets to help our readers with decision making. Our goal is to furnish an active blog section to refer to as buying guides, discover best products, and the latest news such as launches, products under various categories, and a lot more. Our work is our goal on a daily basis, that is the best information at our reader’s disposal.

How Do We Do Our Research?

Our articles and blog section are a result of constant efforts, which involves hands-on reviews, in-depth technical research, and analysis by the team of experts. We make sure every product and its technical and physical aspects go through the scrutiny of our experts for unbiased reviews on the same. Our researches are independent and impartial and in the best interest of our readers. We also stay updated and parallelly aligned with news, launches, updates, and more.

How Do We Choose The Products?

The products we choose to list are carefully selected from hundreds and thousands of varieties. Our experts pick them for various categories like budget range, technical specification, latest technology, and different other such specifications. We also take into account reviews from previous buyers and our very own hands-on review to select all the products. They are analyzed thoroughly before inclusion and are also not included if they do not meet our standards of listing.

How do we earn?

Product listing and review on our site are entirely unbiased and non sponsored. We do not advertise or promote products for any company or brand in our articles. However, we earn a small commission on qualifying purchases made through our affiliated links. Also, this commission of purchases in no manner influences our articles and work.

Know Your Mobile is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.in. 

Editorial Guidelines

Our articles are in the reader’s best interest and are intended to guide buyers to purchase better products. We dedicate our time and energy to bring the best products of different categories in one place, sparing our readers from the tireless process of product hunting. However, we would also advise readers to use their discretion before making their purchases along with our buyer’s guides and list of best products.